About Us

Urecsys is an environmental health technology company, a pioneer in the battle against urban air pollution, with a team of innovative thought leaders, that includes published research scientists and experienced entrepreneurs. The company’s patent-protected solutions have been proven consistently effective, with unprecedented success, in improving indoor air quality across various urban environments.    

Our Vision

Clean air is not a luxury, clean air is a right!

Everyone deserves to breathe clean, healthy, quality air.

And we have the ability to provide it.

We have the ability to save lives.

We all want to live meaningfully, to leave a mark, to make history.

Together, let us build a better and healthier future.

Come join us in leading the air-tech revolution.

It has already started.


  • Nir Avi Bassa

    Founder and CEO

    Mr. Bassa holds a master’s degree (M.Sc. Cancer Research, with honors) in Cancer Research and Biochemistry from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He has led and generated several scientific and innovative technological initiatives. Mr. Bassa’s work has been published in international scientific journals and he holds the rights to several patents.

  • Dr. Kobi Richter

    Founder and Shareholder

    Dr. Richter is a co-founder and a major shareholder in Urecsys. He is well known for his uncompromising emphasis on IP protection. Dr. Richter has developed groundbreaking health products and has founded several leading companies. He is also the owner, founder and CTO of internationally renowned medical engineering companies.

Our Team

Urecsys assembled the world’s leading interdisciplinary research group in the field of indoor air pollution reduction. Our company has succeeded in formulating the safest methods and algorithms for improving indoor air quality with unprecedented success.

Urecsys’ innovative approach and methods are based on a thoroughly comprehensive research, as well as rigorous empirical measurements and experiments. The intricate development of the right methods required the collaboration of researchers from various different fields including: the medical sciences, cancer research, biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, statistics and others.

Our Story

The Inspiration for Urecsys - The Wisdom of Nature

Urecsys was founded by Mr. Nir Bassa, A cancer researcher, and biologist.

Urecsys was created with the understanding that all filters and developments in the field of air cleaning technology today cannot filter out the most dangerous air pollutants from indoor surroundings.