1. Monitoring

Using scientific grade equipment deployed across the urban metropolitan area, we measure air pollution levels every 15 seconds

2. Analyzing

Our innovative AI & ML algorithms predict the behaviour of air pollution both inside and outside buildings.

3. Controlling

Based on our analysis, we reduce your ventilation systems capacity during peaks of pollution, creating the optimal air quality conditions within buildings

Current ventilation systems do not consider the ever-changing quality of outdoor air, resulting in businesses effectively paying to pump highly polluted air into their offices. Exposure to hazardous air pollution indoors is costing businesses billions (!) of USD in lost productivity.

Urecsys’ state-of-the-art ML algorithms analyze all the possible variables of outdoor air pollution, predicting in real time the expected pollution levels indoors, and utilizes these abilities to optimize indoor air quality

Urecsys’ cloud-based AI-software retrofits to existing building management systems (BMS), reducing ventilation in response to the changing outdoor pollution levels, reducing the exposure to air pollution indoors by 40-70%*

Your Solution for Clean Air

For the first time, Urecsys enables you to protect your workspace against the massive amount of pollution you come in contact with. We provide Smart Air for your building

Increasing Lifespan
& Long-Term Wellness


Decreasing the Number of Days Taken Off due to Illness

Energy Conservation and Reduction of Greenhouse Emissions

Quality Assurance
& Anomaly Detection