Here are some common questions we are frequently asked. If you are interested, please contact us and we'd be happy to answer any question you may have.

  • Urecsys' system uses air monitoring stations, located throughout the city, in order to monitor the varying patterns of air pollution throughout the city. the system uses unique Machine Learning and data-rich algorithms in order to predict, with high efficiency, the various trends and natural changes which constantly occur in the urban air pollution.
    Based on these predictions, Urecsys' system uses its unique algorithms in order to optimize systems in the building.
    This is done in real time, in a constant and continuous fashion.

  • Absolutely not. Most of the urban air pollutants are too small to be filtered out by a filtration system and can easily penetrate any structure.
    Urecsys' system is the only one in the world proven capable of optimizing the air inside the building and consistently reduce the indoor air pollution.

  • We are currently developing the technology in order to fit the Urecsys' system for integration in private homes.

  • The Urecsys system can be installed in most closed structures with a centralized ventilation system, even if the structure is very old.
    Currently, the system is unfit for internal parking and laboratories in which the source of the air pollution is internal.

  • Urecsys' system collects data from resident monitoring stations, used and operated by official governmental and academic bodies, located throughout the city.
    Additionally, the system deploys highly advanced monitoring devices , which meet the strict requirements set forth by the academic community, in order to sample and monitor the breathing air in, and around, the building.
    The system's groundbreaking ML allows Urecsys to monitor and make predictions even in buildings in which there are no monitoring devices stationed.

  • Unlike other air purifying systems, Urecsys does not require any pricey equipment or additional hardware beyond that which exist in the building. Urecsys' system has proven time and again its effectiveness in reducing the indoor air pollution in buildings in about 40%, in a continuous and constant manner, even in the heart of the most polluted parts of the city.
    The system also provides a significant energy conservation in the building, providing for a fiscal saving of about 30% of Urecsys' operational costs, and often even more.
    This reduction in the building's energy consumption will reduce the building's emissions of CO2 and greenhouse gasses.
    Installing the system is simple and cheap and does not require the building to shut down.
    The improvement in the air quality provided by Urecsys will significantly reduce the exposure of the building's occupants to the most dangerous urban air pollutants, which in turn will have a positive effect on their health, mental and cognitive capacity and spirit.