Connecting to Urecsys

Connecting to Urecsys is fast, efficient, and ensures that you, your clients and your employees enjoy the cleanest air possible, in the building where you spend most of your time.

The Urecsys system’s operation is based on a highly intelligent system of algorithms.

Our service is an SaaS service. That means we don’t have to install any permanent equipment in your building.

Connecting to our system is simple and commitment-free.

You’ll get real-time information on the air quality in and around your building. At the push of a button, you’ll be able to see the fantastic results you’re getting and improvements in your building’s air quality. 

You will see big differences between buildings with Urecsys, and older buildings where the system is not yet installed.

Easy Integration & Implementation

Urecsys is a highly intelligent, algorithmic system. And yet, installing it in a building is incredibly simple.

Connecting to Urecsys requires no long term commitments. The client can choose to disconnect at any moment .

The system is operated and monitored from our offices at the Hebrew University campus in Givat Ram (Jerusalem), by a team of highly adept professionals.

Our team can monitor and control the Building’s Management Systems (BMS) remotely, without any client involvement.

Connecting to the Urecsys system doesn’t require the installation of any equipment in the building. The installation takes several days and will cause no interruption to the client’s activities.

Cost Efficiency

Connecting to Urecsys is quick, easy and doesn't require any kind of long term commitments. The system's installation and operational costs are negligible compared to the unique and incredible benefits it provides.

Connecting to Urecsys requires no installation fees or any kind of long term commitment on the part of the client, who can choose to disconnect at any time.

Urecsys is proven to reduce up to 40% of the urban air pollution in the building and is the only system in the world to consistently and continuously display these amazing results.

In addition to the improvements in air quality, Urecsys allows significant energy conservation. This translates to fiscal savings of 30%, and often more, of the system’s operation fee.