Green Building & Smart Cities

Green building is on the rise in Israel and abroad. Six years ago, Israel launched its standard for green construction. In the last few years, many buildings have been constructed and rated using international assessment tools, such as the American LEED standard.

Green construction focuses on reducing energy and water outputs as well as other resources required for constructing and maintaining buildings. In so doing, it aims to reduce the environmental damage caused by construction and maintenance.

The Urecsys system helps make a building green (even if it was built decades ago) by reducing the building’s energy consumption, and thereby reducing the building’s energy outputs and CO2 emissions.

On top of that, Urecsys creates a healthier and more pleasant internal environment and promotes productivity, by reducing the occupants’ morbidity due to exposure to urban air pollution.

Green Building

Urecsys makes your building greener.

A green building without Urecsys is like a garden with synthetic grass. Most solutions use filters and chemicals to create clean air. Urecsys simply uses smart technology to regulate the flow of natural air.
Many companies and institutions want to make their building eco-friendly. By installing Urecsys – they can. With its data collection and real-time analyses, Urecsys will reduce your building’s energy consumption. That means less CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.

Make your building greener with Urecsys – starting now!
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