Great strides have been made on making our environment greener and more sustainable. But while most activity is focusing on the outdoor environment, the solution provided for our indoors leave much to be desired.

Most of the readily available air purifiers operate using filters, which are ineffective in battling the most harmful pollutants in the urban air and need to be regularly replaced in order to remain effective, or they rely on changing the chemical composition of the indoor air, often endangering the building’s inhabitants in the process. Furthermore, many of the air purifying devices which exists on the market today often relays on an electrical system in order to operate – exacerbating the building’s energy consumption and its emissions of greenhouse gasses.

Urecsys Makes you Greener

Urecsys requires no operational actions on the part of the client and provides a substantial energy conservation.

Urecsys is a program-based system which optimizes systems in the building to provide for the best air available. This state-of-the-art optimization often provides a significant energy conservation to the building, particularly if the building does not employ other energy conservation systems. With Urecsys, there are no used filters to be thrown away, no canisters of harmful chemicals to handle, and the building becomes greener by significantly reducing its carbon footprint and emissions of greenhouse gasses due to energy conservation.

Urecsys sparks a lot of interest in the green construction and sustainable technology markets.

Urecsys has received several grants from various environmental protection and urban development agencies. Urecsys was recognized by the Jerusalem development authority, the Israeli Ministry for Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Innovation. The system was installed in several buildings throughout Israel including buildings which belongs to the Israeli government and key players in the Israeli high-tech market. Additionally, Urecsys is currently a favorite to win a pilot for the prestigious American LEED standard for green construction.