Our Projects

Last year Urecsys has penetrated the market by storm. Many companies and corporations, who care about their employees' health and well-being, have approached us in order to have the system installed in their buildings and offices. Many institutions have recognized the tremendous potential that the system possess. Our clients include members of the business, private and public sectors.
In Israel, our customers include: the Israeli Ministry of Health, the Israeli Ministry of Education, Electra (Israel's largest provider of HVAC systems and air conditioning), Shikun & Binui (Israel's largest real estate company) and more.
On the global front, we are currently negotiating several cooperation opportunities with leading corporations and institutions in France and the US.
Urecsys is a fresh, game-changing company on a global scale.

  • Buildings Belonging to Real-Estate Companies

    Real-estate companies who wish to improve their property, making it greener and attracting more clients choose to install Urecsys in their property. A structure with Urecsys is both energy smart and possesses the cleanest air.

  • High-Tech companies which own, or rent, office buildings.

    Companies which has large numbers of employees, who wish those employees receive the very best, install Urecsys in their buildings. Many of our clients are High-Tech companies who wish to provide their employees with the best and healthiest air available.