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Current ventilation systems do not take into account the dynamic nature of outdoor air quality, leading to businesses effectively paying to pump highly polluted air within their offices. This indoor air pollution not only poses a serious health risk to employees but also costs businesses billions of dollars in lost productivity.



Optimization of Building Ventilation Systems: A Complex Scientific Challenge

Urban areas are full of air pollution originating from a diverse range of sources, such as urban traffic, factories, building sites, sewage, hospitals, and others. Addressing this complex issue requires consideration of numerous factors, including concentration levels of various pollutants, local weather conditions, the health effects of each pollutant, legal standards and guidelines, and the need for real-time responses to rapid changes in pollution levels. Urecsys’ innovative AI-powered solution takes all these factors into account to optimize indoor air quality and combat the harmful effects of air pollution.



Real-Time Optimization for Dynamic Air Intake Based on Outdoor Pollution Levels Using ML algorithms

Urecsys’ advanced Smart-City network of monitoring stations, equipped with EPA/EEA-grade monitoring equipment, continuously collects data every 15 seconds from various points in the urban environment. This vast data is then fed into our ML algorithms, reinforcing and improving their predictive capabilities.

By integrating Urecsys’ software into a building’s management system (BMS), our AI-powered solution can perform real-time predictions of the expected indoor air quality during activity hours. This is achieved by taking into account the constantly changing state of air pollution in the urban environment and considering the various variables mentioned above.



Optimizing Indoor Air Quality through Smart Control of Central Ventilation Systems by Urecsys

Showcased best in nature, Urecsys emulates the natural mechanism of leaves regulating gas exchange through their pores to optimize air exchange in buildings. By leveraging its predictive models, Urecsys intelligently manages the central ventilation system to increase air intake when outdoor air quality is at its best and decrease air intake when it is most polluted. All of this is done in compliance with the highest ventilation regulations and standards to ensure sufficient air supply to the building.

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Decreasing the Number of Days Taken Off due to Illness

Energy Conservation and Reduction of Greenhouse Emissions

Quality Assurance
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