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    Percent of the world’s population lives in places where the air pollution exceeds the WHO guideline limits

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    Deaths a year due to air pollution - World Health Organization

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    Air pollution is the leading environmental cause of morbidity and death

The Problem

Urban air pollution is one of the world’s leading killers and the #1 environmental cause of morbidity and death

And yet, we let it into our homes, schools and offices every single day. Indoor air pollution is more dangerous than outdoor pollution, even life-threatening. When we let it accumulate in closed spaces, we are setting the stage for life-threatening diseases to develop, including certain types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, asthma and respiratory disease, stroke, and of course, COVID-19.

Air pollution:
• Mortality from air pollution is 6 times higher than all fatal road accidents.
• Mortality from air pollution is 11.5 higher than all war casualties and violent deaths.
• Indoor exposure to air pollution promotes premature death, more so than outdoor air pollution. Its impact is up to 14 times more significant.

Who we are

Urecsys is a pioneer in the battle against urban air pollution. We are an innovative team of thought leaders, published research scientists and seasoned entrepreneurs who make it their highest priority to protect both human health and the environment from irreversible harm, every single day.

Urecsys patent-protected environmental health solutions have consistently proved effective. Our success rates are unprecedented in improving indoor air quality across urban environments.

The Technology

Urecsys significantly reduces air pollution levels inside buildings. It provides clean, optimal air, 24-7.

Urecsys is a software-based system that enhances air quality. This groundbreaking green technology diminishes the hazards of urban air pollution in buildings. At the same time, it reduces the greenhouse gas emissions of those buildings. With Urecsys we can protect both our health and the environment. We don’t have to choose. 

Our patent-protected technology uses extensive big-data analysis, Unique Machine Learning and data-rich scientific algorithms, including:

Smart Prediction – Highly precise calculations and predictions of air pollution levels for optimal results. Indoors and outdoors, in both monitored and unmonitored buildings and locations.

Real-Time Analysis – Nothing is overlooked with Urecsys. Urecsys’ smart algorithms can identify air pollution trends in different locations, in real time. They track historical and online pollution data for each building, and can account for unique chemical, physical and health-related variables.

Urecsys controls and regulates systems in the building to let in only the cleanest available air from outdoors, in full compliance with both international standards and the specific requirements of each building.

Urecsys’ software-based design makes the system incredibly easy to install. The system is fully automated and compatible with buildings of all shapes and sizes. No active operation or client maintenance is necessary with Urecsys.

Urecsys provides clean air without endangering the building’s inhabitants by changing its chemical composition. It complies with the most rigorous international standards.

Our Benefits

Fresh air systems in buildings bring in fresh air from outdoors. The problem is – they bring in air pollution, too.

Urecsys was created with the understanding that filters and other developments in the field of air cleaning technology today cannot filter out the most dangerous air pollutants from indoor environments. Urecsys doesn’t let those pollutants into your building in the first place. With Urecsys, you’ll see up to a 40% reduction of air pollution in your building. By regulating the building systems and air flow, Urecsys will create a healthy environment for your building’s occupants, help you conserve energy, all while ensuring that your building is meeting the most rigorous international standards.

No filters to throw away. No chemicals to handle. Just clean, optimal air. Our clients enjoy a return on their investment from day one.

  • Savings due to fewer sick days

  • Better air quality in an unprecedented manner

  • Improved cognitive performance, creativity and productivity

  • Savings due to energy conservation