• On average 40% reduction of pollutant exposure

  • Improved productivity and cognitive performance

  • Over 25% Energy Savings on ventilation systems

The Problem

Chemical Pollution flows through air ventilation efficiently

Gas molecules are impossible to filter without cutting off the oxygen supply. Despite various attempts to address pollution, it remains prevalent. Solutions currently in place are not coming close to effectively combating the issue, and the impact of pollution on our health is often underestimated.

Urban air pollution is a leading cause of death and illness worldwide, yet we allow it to infiltrate our homes, schools, and workplaces daily. Indoor air pollution can be even more dangerous than outdoor pollution. When pollution accumulates in closed spaces, it can lead to life-threatening conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Our Story

The Inspiration for Urecsys – The Wisdom of Nature

Plants possess a high level of intelligence, demonstrated by their ability to open and close their pores based on environmental conditions. They are able to determine when it is optimal to take in air and when it may lead to excessive water loss.

Our CEO, Nir, has a scientific background in cancer research. He realized a big problem; fresh air is different from smart air. With artificial intelligence, he could create a technology that mimics the process of regulating the air circulation in a building, so it will only let in the cleanest possible air.

Our Solution

Our solution is AI-powered software that optimizes building air intake by reducing ventilation capacity during relatively high outdoor pollution.

Traditional filters and other field developments are ineffective in removing dangerous pollutants from indoor environments.


Urecsys solution prevents these pollutants from entering the building in the first place, resulting in up to a 40% reduction in indoor air pollution.*


Using our AI and Machine Learning software, We collect various factors and additional data to make predictions and decisions. First, we Integrate with the Building Management System, which then gives us control over the air ventilation system. Once we have control, we monitor indoor and outdoor pollution Levels. Our analyzers collect data every 15 seconds to get highly accurate information about the air pollution levels surrounding the building. The data collected is analyzed through our AI software, which allows us to ​​optimize air intake in direct response to pollution levels.

Our Benefits

By managing building systems and airflow, Urecsys creates a healthy environment for occupants and conserves energy consumption. Our clients enjoy a return on their investment from day one.

  • Savings due to fewer sick days

  • Better air quality in an unprecedented manner

  • Improved cognitive performance, creativity and productivity

  • Savings due to energy conservation