Your Smart AI Solution
for Clean Air

For the first time, Urecsys to protect your workspace against the massive amountsof air pollution you come in contact with. Get Smart Air for your building.

Client Case Studies

Our technology

Revolutionary technology utilizes real-time monitoring, AI-powered analysis, and remote control of ventilation systems to optimize indoor air quality by predicting and minimizing pollutant concentration levels inside and outside buildings.

Our Benefits


Increasing Lifespan
& Long-Term Wellness

Decreasing the Number of
Days Taken Off due to Illness

Energy Conservation and Reduction
of Greenhouse Emissions

Quality Assurance
& Anomaly Detection


Increasing Lifespan & Long-Term Wellness


Energy Conservation and Reduction of Greenhouse Emissions

Decreasing the Number of Days Taken Off due to Illness

Quality Assurance
& Anomaly Detection


Why us?

Our cutting-edge technology reduces exposure to urban air pollutants within office buildings by an average of 40-70%.


Our system is the only one of its kind that effectively captures and eliminates ultrafine particles that other solutions, such as ionizers and filters, can’t. We provide an effective solution that goes beyond data apps and indicators that only offer information without any practical benefits.

Choosing Urecsys means choosing not to compromise on the health and well-being of your indoor space. Say goodbye to harmful air pollutants and hello to a healthier indoor environment with Urecsys.

Our Team

Nir Bassa

CEO & Founder

Dr. Jacob Richter

Founder & Shareholder

Dr. Maor Ganz


Isaac Atlas

VP Business Development

Lotan Levy

Head of ML Department

Our Clients Say

“Three months after the Urecsys technology was installed in our building, some of the employees report that they breath better. The Painkillers drawer in our reception office, which had to be refilled every quarter, remained full and almost unused.”

Avi Zooaretz
Director of Innovation,

Image Credit: Netafim LTD

“Urecsys system has achieved impressive reduction of urban pollutants in our facilities, therefore we have promoted the installations of Urecsys in four different buildings.”

Keren Shinar
Sustainable Business Manager,
HP Indigo

“The Installation of Urecsys helped us with providing our members with quality air, improving energy conservation and crucial assistance with damage control & quality assurance of our ventilation systems.”

Omri Porat
Head of Operations,
WeWork Israel

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