About us

Urecsys is an environmental health technology company, a pioneer in the battle against urban air pollution, with a team of innovative thought leaders composed of published research scientists and experienced entrepreneurs. The company’s patent-protected solutions have been proven consistently effective, with unprecedented success, in improving indoor air quality across urban environments.

Our Vision

Everyone deserves to breathe clean, healthy air.

Join us in leading the air-tech revolution!

At Urecsys, we firmly believe that clean air is a basic human right, not a luxury. Breathing clean and healthy air protects us from harmful diseases and extends our life. Everyone deserves to breathe in air that promotes good health and well-being. We are proud to provide the best optimal indoor air, safeguarding people from harmful diseases and potentially extending their lives.

We invite you to join us in leading the air-tech revolution, which has already begun. By working together, we can make clean air accessible to everyone, creating a healthier, happier world for ourselves and future generations. Let’s make clean air a reality for all!

Our Story

Inspired by nature

Nature has its own way of adapting to environmental changes. Leaves, for example, can sense the right time to open their pores and let in air or close them to protect themselves. Our CEO, Nir Bassa, an outstanding cancer researcher, recognized that the same concept could be applied to create healthy indoor environments in buildings, shielding occupants from the high pollution levels outside.

Urecsys harnesses the power of AI to monitor air pollution levels and optimize ventilation, much like how plants safeguard themselves from breathing harmful air. Our system ensures that your building only draws in air when the outdoor air quality is relatively optimal, significantly reducing the amount of pollutants that enter the indoor space. As a result, occupants can enjoy a healthier environment and breathe easier, thanks to this innovative approach.

Our Development

Manifesting an Idea into a Product

Urecsys develops unique, cutting-edge solutions to indoor air quality and pollution and is the only company with the know-how to truly provide optimal indoor air quality conditions.

Through the collaborative efforts of the founders, Urecsys embarked on a research journey with a deep sense of responsibility. From the beginning, we understood that the decisions made regarding the air people breathe should not be taken lightly. The team left no stone unturned in studying every aspect of indoor and outdoor air pollution and any other aspect of air quality and air pollution, such as the effects of weather on air pollution, the mechanics of ventilation systems, or the intricacies of available measuring equipment.

With the massive data and experience gained during the research era, we’ve moved to commercialize and deploy the Urecsys solution, earning the trust of many well-known names, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. We attribute our success to our unwavering commitment to scientific rigor, which we have upheld from the research phase and continue to uphold to this day.

Experimentation and research are the cornerstones of Urecsys, and we are proud to have laid a strong foundation for our endeavors to promote healthy indoor environments.

Our Team

Diverse Scientific Expertise

Urecsys has assembled a team of interdisciplinary research groups of world-class Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) experts. Our team draws from diverse fields, including Medical Sciences, Cancer Research, Biochemistry, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, and more. This unique blend of talent and expertise is key to developing innovative solutions addressing the urgent public health hazard of exposure to urban air pollution.

Our headquarters are located within the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, one of the world’s leading academic institutions, consistently ranking in the top 100 universities worldwide for the past two decades*. Many of our employees are HUJI alumni, and others are currently active researchers at the university. This proximity to top-notch academic resources and talent further strengthens our ability to push the boundaries of scientific innovation and deliver cutting-edge solutions for clean air.

*According to the Shanghai Ranking of Academic institutions

Yishai Amir

Chairman & CEO

Dr. Maor Ganz


Isaac Atlas

VP Business Development

Nir Bassa

CSO & Founder

Lotan Levy

Head of ML

Dr. Jacob Richter

Founder & Shareholder

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