Our Technology

The Urecsys model consists of three stages that work in sync to form a unique solution that represents the future of Clean Air Tech. Urecsys is the only technology that deals effectively with indoor pollution from both outdoor and indoor sources. The system provides the best and optimal indoor air quality while reducing indoor air pollution levels in an unprecedented manner.



Optimization of Building Ventilation Systems: A Complex Scientific Challenge

Urban areas suffer from high levels of air pollution originating from diverse sources, such as urban traffic, factories, industrial activity, building sites, sewage, hospitals, and many other sources. Addressing this complex issue requires consideration of numerous factors, including concentrations of various pollutants, local weather conditions, the health effects of each pollutant, legal standards and guidelines, and the need for real-time responses to rapid non-cyclic changes in pollution levels. Urecsys’ innovative AI-powered solution takes all these factors into account to optimize indoor air quality and combat the harmful effects of air pollution.



Real-Time Optimization for Dynamic Air Intake Based on Outdoor Pollution Levels Using ML algorithms

Urecsys’ advanced network of Smart-City Monitoring stations, equipped with EPA/EEA-grade monitoring equipment, continuously collects data every 15 seconds from various points in the urban environment. These vast amounts of data are then fed into our ML algorithms, reinforcing and improving their predictive capabilities with big data.

Our AI-powered solution performs real-time predictions of the expected indoor air quality during activity hours. Through analysis of constantly changing levels of air pollution in the urban environment and considering various variables, the Urecsys model achieves unprecedented real-time actionable results.



Optimizing Indoor Air Quality through Smart Control of Central Ventilation Systems by Urecsys

Urecsys integrates its software into the building’s management system (BMS), providing optimal clean air while adjusting for the constantly changing levels of air pollution in the urban environment. The system intelligently manages the central ventilation system to increase air intake when outdoor air quality is at its best and decrease air intake when it is most polluted. The system is in compliance with the highest ventilation standards and regulations to ensure sufficient air supply to the building while reducing energy consumption and electricity bills.

Our Benefits

Increasing Lifespan
& Long-Term Wellness


Unprecedented Improvement
of Indoor Air

Reduction of
Air Pollution

Decreasing the Number of Days Taken Off due to Illness

Energy Conservation and Reduction of Greenhouse Emissions

Quality Assurance
& Anomaly Detection


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